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Daniel Orson Yabarra Davos-Genève-Verbier


Daniel Ybarra expose
World Economic Forum janvier 2013
Genev'Art Space décembre-janvier 2012-2013
Galerie Rosa Turetsky décembre-janvier 2012-2013

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1957, then an agreeable and hospitable country. It was a well appreciated destination by immigrants, seeking refuge from famine and the war in Europe. My maternal grandparents arrived there from Moscow and Odessa and on my father’s side, the family hailed from Bilbao and St. Jean-de-Luz in the Basque Country.
My childhood rolled by in a calm and harmonious environment, surrounded by my maternal grandfather’s numerous spouses and ex-wives. Amongst them, it way grandmother Anastasia that made an everlasting impression on me, teaching me to read, cook, draw and paint from my early years on. It is to her that I owe thanks for infusing in a playful manner, my love for books and the arts.



 Years later, as a boarder at a Salesian College, I recall having signed up for a correspondence course in drawing from Mexico with a schoolmate and I covering the fees. I was 12 years old. Two years later, to my surprise and delight, my then history teacher organized my first exhibition and a collection of my works of ancient Greek and Egyptian figures in pencil lead and willow wood on 100 by 70 cm Bristol paper was proudly on show at Montevideo’s 32ond High School.

 The Bristol paper I used was leftover from my grandfather’s old artificial flower factory. I fondly remember that it was the raw material from which the paper and wax flowers that enchanted my childhood were made. I to this day still hold fond memories of the smell of hot paraffin floating through the large and endless corridors of the factory and of the soft texture of the supple and strange-feeling warm wax as I worked it with my fingers.

 Perhaps the origins of my family or the numerous stories I had heard or even my own curiosity lead me to decide at the age of 18, to travel the world. When asked the purposed of this trip, I would respond that since I am part of it, I should at least get to know it. No one dared contradict me. Although my priorities lay in studying philosophy and psychology followed by literature and the fine arts, I was still unsure of my final choice of studies. The one thing I was sure of was that each passing day in the then unbreathable atmosphere engulfing the area made life seem uncertain and unbearable. Freedom suffered greatly throughout the continent and that only reinforced my decision to pack my bags.

 My travels began in South America but what was meant to be a one year sabbatical turned into an 8 adventure that took me through South America, the US, all of Europe and Scandinavia, North Africa, the Middle East andx… lots of islands.


 While I was preparing and dreaming of my trip, I hung a world map on the bedroom wall and indicated my ports of call using red and green drawing pins. Red coded destinations where those I really wanted to visit and spend some time at, while the green ones indicated a passing curiosity, a place to skim through. Geneva was coded in green.

Knocking about around the globe for many years makes sedentary life difficult to readjust to and that is what attracted me to Geneva, a place I felt one could transit through, where one does not take roots, a place you can easily escape from. And yet I have been living here since 1984 and am father of 3. I spend my time between Geneva and Barcelona where I collaborate with architects on projects that deal with the study of space and its relationship with light and have collaborated with the EAAS Group (European Architecture & Art Studio9 on projects since 1991. These involve exterior and interior spaces as well as public, private urban and natural space.

 The components of my reflections on the plastic arts are linked to all type of organic forms, as well the mineral or the vegetal life. Furthering my study into formal and plastic analysis, I call upon concepts such as the stratification of images, accumulations and repetition.

 In late 2001, health issues made walking uncomfortable for a few years and during this time, my garden became my own art studio.

 The latest works are a process of pictorial experimentation within this segment of this landscape.

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